The Truth About Success

The Truth About Success is a book collaboration by twenty-five women from Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and even Poland!
The success stories in this book range from overcoming loss & heartache, to finding & stepping into your authentic self, to single motherhood & parenting with a deployed spouse, to healing through medical trauma & scary diagnoses.
From coaches, to stay at home moms, to medical professionals, PhD holders and beyond, the words of these authors will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, inspire you to believe that you were made for more.
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Interview with Martha Krejci


Meet the Authors

Meggan Larson 

Meggan Larson is a wife, mom, adoptee, course creator, entrepreneur, AFT Certified Success Coach, and a best selling published author whose debut book The Truth About Forgiveness  hit the number 1 new release spot in multiple categories. 

She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed & serve from their authentic selves. She helps them transform from failure to success by teaching them how to believe in themselves unapologetically, find their voices, and fly.

It took her thirteen years of failing as an entrepreneur to finally understand what she was doing wrong and now she’s on a mission to help as many women as she can start to believe in themselves in order to succeed wildly. 

If you are ready to transform your business, revolutionize your life, show up authentically, and impact the world, then head on over to her website at, grab her free resources, join her online community, and fly with her.


Koreen Chandler

Koreen is a God loving, happily married, blessed mother to 4 littles. She is an Aroma Freedom Practitioner, Published Author, Aspiring Podcaster, and an influential optimistic Entrepreneur. Koreen’s passion is helping mothers find their way back to being who God sees them to be by helping them clear out negative thoughts feelings and emotions. She also loves helping women achieve their goals that seem just out of reach by guiding them through Aroma Freedom sessions helping them breakthrough roadblocks they have created for themselves. Aroma Freedom is an empowering and life changing technique Koreen uses not only on others but also on herself to help her achieve her own personal development journey towards being a Proverbs 31 wife and mother. 

You can connect with Koreen or schedule an Aroma Freedom session with her at


Jill Coletti

Jill is a Multidimensional Healer, Coach, Content Creator & Spiritual Mama. She empowers moms to design a life they love and create an extraordinary legacy for their kids with their kids.

Jill’s personal healing journey inspired her to make changes in her life that have helped her and her family find more love, joy & abundance. The impact of this was so great that she left her corporate career to start her own business focused on helping families heal too.  

When we heal and take care of ourselves, we heal the world around us.  Let’s shift the energy of this world together!  Are you ready?

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Megan Dale

Megan is living her dream life with her husband of 13 years and their 2 beautiful children. She is a homeschooling mom that also works outside the home as a Pediatric Physical Therapist. She has seen the scales staring back at her from 250 pounds all the way down to 150 pounds only to be looking at 230 pounds again. Megan is a trim healthy mama coach and a fitness teacher gospel preacher as a revelation wellness instructor.  She empowers women to reclaim their life from the bondage of poor body image and the chains of an unhealthy relationship with food. She teaches simple strategies for food freedom starting with her free course dessert for breakfast. 

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Lauren da Silva

Lauren da Silva is a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur, and empath obsessed with learning as much as she can about the world and the people who live in it. She is a South African living in Waco, Texas and spends her free time creating or enjoying the outdoors. She dreams of a world where diversity is celebrated, where all who live in it feel safe and connected, and where we would choose to courageously turn toward one another & the messes we make in love, rather than fear.

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Debbie Sue Dean

Debbie Dean has been a nurse by trade for over 18 years. She has 4 kids, ranging from 24 to 7 years old. Her daughter who was born with a chronic, life-threatening disease was her driving force to seek alternatives to traditional western medicine. She also experienced very traumatic pregnancies herself. For the first year of her daughters life, doctors didn’t know if she would survive. Debbie started researching and learning more about alternative medicine. She was able to find alternatives to improve her daughters quality of life greatly. And make it possible for her daughter to stop using medicines that had very serious adverse side affects.  Debbie saw a need to share this with others and started her business of Health Coaching.

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Lynn Eads

Lynn is a native Michigan Author, Parenting Coach, Speaker, Mom, Wife, Grandma and Professional Nanny.  She enjoys helping families raise their children through Parenting Coaching sessions, Parent Courses and Classes. She incorporates teachings through art, music reading, imagination, positivity and encouragement.   

She has over a dozen courses outlined on Parenting and other subjects that will begin rolling out in 2021!  The first two “Power of Positive” and “Parenting Pre-Schoolers” will launch in the spring of 2021 on her website:  

In addition, she also has a custom diffuser jewelry line that established in 2017.  She says that her inspiration comes from people she knows and meets. You can find her current inventory designs on her online shop:


Jo Pronger Faulkner

Jo Pronger Faulkner is an entrepreneur, animal-lover, and nature enthusiast living in northwestern Ontario, Canada with her fiancé Mike. They are foodies and adventure-seekers; obsessed with their pets, Caribbean travel, renovation projects, and vision boards.


Jo is the author of The Autoimmune Warrior’s Healing Key, a motivational #1 Best Selling book about her struggle with autoimmune illness, how the endocrine system works, and her discovery of the healing power of plants. Jo’s goal in sharing her story is to help thousands of autoimmune warriors get their health back and get their life back. Her mission is to inspire women to listen to their intuition, reclaim their personal power, and make intentional choices to live the life they truly desire. 

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Tobi B Feldman

Tobi B Feldman, “the resilientAF midlife mama” is an eccentric entrepreneur.  She’s a Speech-Language Pathologist,  Life Balance Coach,  Author, Speaker, and Podcaster.  

She successfully transformed her life from a chronically stressed, fibromyalgia-ridden, traumatized mama dealing with cycles of chaos and crisis in her family to being resilientAF with firmer boundaries, tighter relationships, and inner peace.

Female empowerment turns her on!  She is passionate about supporting other women in reclaiming their own lives while in the throws of raising teens and young adults.  She geeks out to the inner workings of the brain and how it affects getting S%&T done and how that impacts mental health.  

Tobi lives amongst the waterfalls in Ithaca, NY with her husband, the youngest of her three kids, and her goofy Goldendoodle.


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Jenna Herrig

Jenna is a wife, dog mommy, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. She empowers women to live a life of less worry, to rediscover their hopes and joys and to live a more heart-centered life. She resides in Minnesota with her husband Clinton and their two English Springer Spaniels Zoey and Lily. 

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Faye Hartzell

Faye Hartzell is an Author, Speaker, Professional Life Coach & AFT Practitioner. 

For many years the pain of the past was like an invisible chain, the links of that chain being reminders of childhood trauma.  Those links, bound so tightly together, would allow her to be an active participant in daily life but kept her tethered to a wall of shame. She has spent years unpacking the baggage of that shame. 

It’s now her passion to share with as many women as she can, the blueprint to releasing the pain of the past and what’s holding them back to create a joy-filled, purpose-driven future.

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Christianna Johnson

Christianna Johnson has written for over a decade, spanning from creative nonfiction, to fantasy and science fiction. Introvert and investigator, she has been dedicated to researching tips and trends of self publishing and building a community of like minded writers like herself as founder of The Introverted Writers Club. She is an avid reader, blogger at, course creator of Boundaries for Creatives, an Enneagram enthusiast, and author of and amateur podcaster of Made to Create.


Rachel Kuehn

Rachel Kuehn is a nurse, author, Reiki Master, speaker, entrepreneur, holistic health and hospice advocate. She is the never-ending advocate for taking care of  YOU and living the life you were truly meant to live!  Rachel is the author of “Confessions of a Hospice Nurse – the journey of life and death and the lessons in between.”

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Natasha Loohuys

Big heart, big solutions and big shoes (to fill). 

Natasha Loohuys is a mother, mentor, personal coach, entrepreneur, author, public speaker and the one you come to for getting stuff done. A dynamic presence, curious and supportive, Natasha is community-centred, solution-focused, and has a thirst to engage everyone in the room. And she does it with gusto and passion! Being grounded and adventurous with big romantic ideas optimizes her to encourage and inspire. Purple steel-toes hung up for an apron, her purpose is now with her children and helping others. Whether she has implemented cost-savings on construction sites or is teaching children to knit, she is reliable and steady, sensitive and warm. Her passion is to show you how to be more resilient and positive, have energy and joy. Bring awareness to your day with more fun and less friction. So, reach out. She wants you to live in your purpose too!

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Cynthia Mae

Cynthia is a Wife, Momma, Combat Veteran, Oiler, Coach, & Program Developer for Successful Adults. She empowers others to lean on each other for support, friendship and mentorship. She teaches that self-care is amongst the most important foundations to finding success. She has over 10 years of administrative skills that she also coaches and teaches others how to be successful in the workplace. She believes that getting to the life that you want to live shouldn’t be hindered by how to buy a house, fears of having children, or not knowing what to do when something mechanical goes wrong. The Life UnsTRUctuReD Project is a program Cynthia is creating for others to share and discover the “lessons learned” about the trials and successes of becoming an adult, student, leader and employee in today’s world. 

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Angela Newhouse

Angela Newhouse is a survivor of multiple life traumas and maintains a never give up mindset.  She is strong willed and determined to be livin’ a happy life no matter what roadblocks life presents. She believes in being driven by your heart and always promotes positivity over negativity. As someone who has been through many difficult life challenges, she is using her experience and knowledge to help others overcome their own struggles. She is helping others to never give up on life, giving them the tools to help them through tough situations and teaching them to see the brighter side of things. Sunshine is one of Angela’s favorite things, she says it warms your heart in ways that are indescribable and she wants to be the sunshine in your life during your moments of darkness.

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Greta Olechno

Greta Olechno is a compassionate, intuitive advisor and life coach who empowers people to make confident choices and decisions in their lives.Through her journey of dealing with stress and unmanaged chaos, she has learned how to overcome the challenges that kept her back from having a balanced life. She is now following her soul and serving others by offering intuitive life coaching, guidance and creating a community for peer-to-peer support. She specializes in helping those who seek a holistic approach to recognizing and managing their lives impacted by toxic environments, stress and chaos. She supports her clients by allowing them to gain clarity to make aligned choices unique to their own inner calling.

Get in contact with her today to see how you can begin working together.

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Natalie Rodriguez

Natalie is a wife, and mom to one, with another on the way. After losing her own mother at the age of 14, she struggle through 20 years of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts (or she spent 20 years battling mental health struggles) before ultimately finding the right combination of tools to work through her grief and shame. Now she helps others in similar situations to identify their own root issues that are holding them back and sabotaging their lives, in order to process their grief, forgive, and experience a life of hope and freedom. She currently runs a Facebook support group and offers 1:1 coaching sessions, and also has a podcast and book in the works.

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Debbie Rothe

Dr. Debbie Rothe is an adoptee, coach, mom, wife, business owner and global leader at a Fortune 100 company.  Debbie is passionate about inspiring possibility and unlocking achievement so that together we can light up the universe. It is her mission to be an unwavering force of positivity in this world. She founded her company, Winspire Coaching & Consulting during a global pandemic with a vision of helping people who are exhausted trying to prove themselves to create a life where they are powerful and thriving. Debbie’s teams experience higher resiliency to stress, and high employee satisfaction. She champions inclusion, collaboration, & values the diverse perspectives from her people. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Henry and daughters, Blaise and Cadence. 

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Rosilah Sani

Rosilah is a Scientist, Educator, Coach, and Founder of The AromaQi Method. She has a fascination for neuroscience and the heart-brain connection, finding insights in their synergy with the ancient modalities of Qigong & Aromatherapy to aid in healing the mind, body, and spirit. She now dedicates her rejuvenated golden years to helping stressed & overwhelmed career mums regain the balance, resilience, & freedom to live their best lives. Is there a voice inside you, an inner person that wants to be heard? Are you stuck and struggling, wishing you could find your purpose and direction in life?  Then head over to A Sanricco Life at for community support, information and resources. Together we can write a better future for our children and their children. 

Do … or do not. There is no try.” Yoda


La Sheonda Sanchez

As a former single mom and wife who has blended families, La Sheonda guides women in maximizing family life without losing themselves in the process. From cooking workshops to meal preps and instructional videos to meal plans with recipes and grocery lists, La Sheonda makes delicious dishes easy to incorporate into the family dinner table. 

As the founder of Saving Grace Suppers and Crunchy on a Curve, she empowers women with tools to feed their families while saving their time and sanity. La Sheonda is a Bible study leader who shares truths from God’s Word that are the sustenance every soul craves. Her degree in Bible pales in comparison to her relationship with its Author. 

She lives in Texas with her three daughters, husband, two dogs, and as many chickens as she can get away with. 

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Carolynn Sauer

Carolynn Sauer is a wife and mom to six.  She has four boys and two girls ranging from ages fifteen to three and they live in Wichita, Kansas.  Carolynn comes from a long line of teachers and her mother did home day care for thirteen years of her childhood.  She had her first paid babysitting job at the age of eight.  Carolynn babysat all the time, was a nanny, taught swimming lessons, worked in multiple day care centers and has a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  She taught for five years and then became a stay at home mom.  Carolynn is currently a stay at home mom (or personal driver), life coach and a Barre instructor. 

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Dawn Shannon

Certified Professional Coach, Dawn Shannon, works with women who are visionaries, entrepreneurs and all-around go-getters who are tired of overthinking every doggone decision and ready to start doing.

As a former overthinker, Dawn spent years overthinking every decision which drove the people around her crazy! It was even the root cause of her walking away from her first business venture as an entrepreneur with her head hung low in shame.

Dawn has finally found the formula that helps her take doable action every day without overthinking every decision and confidently shares her strategy with others so they too can Stop Overthinking and Start Doing!

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Anna Stager

Anna Stager is a Certified Coach & Author who helps heart-focused, authentic women and couples thrive. 

Her own story is one of moving from hardship and struggle to abundance and wholeness.  As a wife and mom Anna faced challenges in different circumstances: living overseas, infertility, adoption, special needs parenting, full time ministry and major health battles. While in these trials, she learned how to move from fear and overwhelm to a place of joy and peace.  

Now, Anna’s passion and joy is to provide help and hope in the midst of hardship. She provides coaching and specific resources to guide others from living in discouragement and overwhelm to living with joy, purpose and peace. 

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Rachel Tibold

Rachel is a wife, mother of 5 daughters, artist, doula & future podcaster. She is an independent consultant, collaborator, retreat/workshop facilitator, keynote speaker & community builder. She is a trained Spiritual Healer through C.A.R.E. using Young Living Essential Oils specializes in Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, & Emotional Release. She specializes in Birth & Postpartum Care as well as multigenerational support.

As a self care/support/breath coach, her goal for your wellness journey is to foster an experience that offers you emotional, physical, and informational support, so that you feel empowered to make choices that meet your needs. 

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