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What if the power of love just isn't enough?

Liv thought that meeting her biological mother last year would solve the mystery of her adoption, but instead it left her with more questions. Desperate to find a place she belongs, Liv sets out to find her birth father. 

Convinced that she will be the one to save him from a life in and out of prison, she enlists the help of her friends and some unexpected allies to broaden the search.

She knows that her boyfriend Lucas is hiding something major and the unanswered questions are beginning to cause a rift between them.

When tragedy strikes, Olivia must decide what's worth fighting for, and what - or who, will be left behind.

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“Adopted was impossible to put down…” - Indie Reader Discovery Awards (2022)

Should Olivia trade the life she’s always known for her unknown past and an uncertain future?

Raised by loving parents in the Ft. Lauderdale suburbs, sixteen-year-old Olivia Jackson always knew she was adopted as a baby. It's what she doesn't know that keeps her awake at night.

Olivia can’t shake the feeling that something important is missing from her life. On the surface everything seems perfect. She’s co-captain of the track team, has excellent grades, and an upperclassman boyfriend. Yet deep within, Olivia feels like less than everyone else. Then when her boyfriend attacks her and she’s expelled from school, that feeling grows unbearable.

Desperate to escape her despair and driven by her longing to know her origins, Olivia journeys across Florida, accompanied by a boy with his own mysterious past. As she ventures to find her birth mother, shocking secrets begin to surface.

Eventually, Olivia must determine if anyone in her life can be trusted - and if she has the courage to trust herself.

Grab your copy and prepare to be pulled into a heart-wrenching coming-of-age story with an ending you won’t see coming.

"It's been a very long time since I read a fiction book I just 
couldn't put down but this one delivers in every way." - Lauren da Silva, Best Selling Author of The Heart-Centered Woman's Guide to Healthy Boundaries

couldn't put it down! I stayed up into the night reading it all the way through." - Cynthia Geers

The Truth About Finding Joy in the darkness


The Truth About Finding Joy in the Darkness is an epic collaboration between nineteen women spanning across four decades of wisdom. These women have faced crippling circumstances but somehow found joy in and through them.

If you are ready to be inspired in a way you never thought possible then this book is for you. From multi millionaires to stay at home moms, the stories in this book will inspire you to believe you were made for more. Overcoming darkness whether it be through illness, loss, violence, or grief means that you are a conqueror and we celebrate you. May the stories in this collaboration remind you that you are never alone.

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The Truth About Success


The Truth About Success is a book collaboration by twenty-five women from Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and even Poland! It has hit the #1 Best Seller spot in three categories as well as the #1 New Release spot in twelve categories!

The success stories in this book range from overcoming loss & heartache, to finding & stepping into your authentic self, to single motherhood & parenting with a deployed spouse, to healing through medical trauma & scary diagnoses.

From coaches, to stay at home moms, to medical professionals, PhD holders and beyond, the words of these authors will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, inspire you to believe that you were made for more. Watch the book trailer below!

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The Truth About Forgiveness


What is forgiveness and what is it not? Does forgiving someone mean that you have to have a relationship with them? Can you forgive someone who isn't even sorry? What if they don't deserve forgiveness?

All of these questions and more are answered inside this power-packed book. Come and learn the truth about forgiveness and begin your healing journey.


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The Truth About Forgiveness 12-Week Workbook


This workbook accompanies The Truth About Forgiveness Book and provides a 12-week activity guide to walk you through forgiveness on a weekly basis.


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