How to Self-Publish from A-Z

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Here's what you will learn:
  • How to get your book to #1 on Amazon           
  • Special pricing from a select few editors I trust
  • Special guest speaker for Q&A's from a self-publishing guru
  • What extras should you include in your book
  • How to create a book cover (or who to hire)
  • All about isbn's
  • Pricing your book 
  • Tips & tricks I've learned along the way
  • Lifetime access & free upgrades
  • A dedicated Facebook support group for questions
  • Checklist to keep you on track
  • Who to trust with editing
  • What needs to be on your copyright page

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Breakdown by module:
Module 1: Welcome & what I use to outline & plot all of my books.

Module 2: Everything you need to know about editing including a list of editors I trust who have special pricing for anyone in this course.

Module 3: Everything you need to know before you publish from copyright pages & ISBN's to my entire formula on getting those #1 spots on Amazon.

Module 4: Everything you need to know about how to create covers for your books (DIY or who to hire).

Module 5: An entire walkthrough of step by step instructions on how to put your book on Amazon, Ingram Spark, & Smashwords (and why I recommend them).

Module 6: What to do after you publish (very important!)

Module 7: Bonus module on how to publish a journal.

Module 8: Bonus module on how to run a book collaboration (overview).

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Who am I?

My name is Meggan and I am an Award Winning & Amazon Best Selling Published Author, Course Creator, Adoptee, and co-founder of the Starfish Stories Publishing Company. 

I help women tell their beautiful, powerful, & authentic stories. I live my life around the concept of the starfish story, where a woman is tossing washed up starfish back into the ocean as they lay dying on the shore, and someone comes along and scoffs at her. He tells her she can’t possibly make a difference because there are thousands and she’ll never get to them all in time. She picks one up, tosses it back into the water, and says,

“It made a difference to that one.” 

I want to make a difference, even if it's just for "that one" person. 

xo Meggan

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