Let me in!

Let me in!



My name is Lauren and I am a Boundaries & Crucial Conversations Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women who are heart-centered & servant-hearted leaders, entrepreneurs & helpers of people find their voices & use them to both build & protect their flourishing. 

I believe that we are all capable of learning the skills we need to say hard things with love, tact & courage; that we can stay in our love & service AND honor our own flourishing at the same time. 

I believe in the power of connection, courage, creativity and authenticity. 

I believe in you and your big, beautiful, flourishing life. 

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My name is Meggan and I am an AFT certified Mindset & Breakthrough Coach. 

I am passionate about helping women who have experienced trauma step into who they were created to be. 

I believe that those of us who have overcome horrific things can reach back into the fire and pull others out of the trauma they're currently in. 

I believe that together we can link arms and transform from victim to victor while we shed the mindset that has kept us stuck for far too long. 

Let's live as authentically as we can while showing the world that we are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

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To get this level of coaching it would normally cost you $770. 

For a limited time we are only charging $47!

I'm ready for this!