Aroma Freedom


Are you feeling stuck and can't seem to stop self-sabotaging your efforts?

What if you are capable of more than you ever thought possible?





What is an aroma freedom session?

An aroma freedom session is designed to identify and disrupt barriers in your life that are stopping you from moving forward. These barriers might not even be known to you and could be rooted in past traumas. 

In the session we will identify the goal you want to accomplish, explore why it's not happening, and move through whatever is stopping you using exercises designed to release blocks as well as Young Living essential oils to help create a permanent mindset shift.

The Young Living oils you will need are:

 Stress Away
 Inner Child (or orange)
 Release (or purification)
 Believe (or any uplifting oil) 

I am a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and have added my own experiences and flavour to the sessions to achieve maximum results. 

You can book a session below or contact me to create a customized package that will work best for your needs.

Come fly with me!

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