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What if the power of love just isn't enough?

Liv thought that meeting her biological mother last year would solve the mystery of her adoption, but instead it left her with more questions. Desperate to find a place she belongs, Liv sets out to find her birth father. 

Convinced that she will be the one to save him from a life in and out of prison, she enlists the help of her friends and some unexpected allies to broaden the search.

She knows that her boyfriend Lucas is hiding something major and the unanswered questions are beginning to cause a rift between them.

When tragedy strikes, Olivia must decide what's worth fighting for, and what - or who, will be left behind.

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Meet Meggan

My name is Meggan and I am an Award Winning & Amazon Best Selling Published Author, Course Creator, Adoptee, and co-founder of the Starfish Stories Publishing Company. 

I help women tell their beautiful, powerful, & authentic stories. I live my life around the concept of the starfish story, where a woman is tossing washed up starfish back into the ocean as they lay dying on the shore, and someone comes along and scoffs at her. He tells her she can’t possibly make a difference because there are thousands and she’ll never get to them all in time. She picks one up, tosses it back into the water, and says,

“It made a difference to that one.” 

I want to make a difference, even if it's just for "that one" person.

xo Meggan

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