Here’s Why Your Story Matters

Here’s Why Your Story Matters
For most of my life I believed that my story didn’t matter. I grew up with this innate need to hide my true self in the shadows and because of that, I never thought that anyone could be helped by my lived experiences. 

How would it help anyone to know that I had been molested as a child? 

Who would benefit by me sharing about how I couldn’t look anyone in the eye until I was in my twenties? 

Why would anyone care that for many years I subconsciously looked for friendships and relationships with people who were too shallow to look past the emotional wall I put up and really get to know me on a deeper level? 

The truth is…all of it matters. It matters because other people are going through the same challenges right now and they need to know that there’s hope. Your story (and mine) of overcoming what they’re currently experiencing can spark hope within them. 

Another reason your story (and mine) matters is because there is a very real enemy out there and he would love nothing more than for us to believe that we are alone. That no one else ever struggles the way we do. That our challenges are unique, weird, disgusting, or whatever else he wants to throw at us and so we hide. We hide our true selves and we hide our true stories because we don’t think that anyone could understand what we’re going through or we’re afraid that we’ll be judged.

When we share authentically we give others permission to be vulnerable too. We become a light in the darkness for them and suddenly, they’re not so alone. Suddenly they have hope. Suddenly they have an ally who understands because they’ve been there too.

This only happens through authentic, real, and vulnerable truth. 

So share your stories friend. People everywhere need to know that they’re not alone and that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Your story matters and it will inspire so many people if only you’ll share it. 

Won’t you?

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