Smart strategies to help you plan your next project

Smart strategies to help you plan your next project

Do you ever get stuck with great ideas but no follow through? If you’ve had a head full of ideas and no plan in place to execute them, I completely understand. There’s no need to stay stuck there though. 

Some simple ways that I’ve managed to stay on task for a project, whether that project is a new course, a book, etc, is by outlining the entire thing as best I can. I just pour all of my ideas out into a notebook and then sort through the chaos. I find that’s the easiest way to start because if I try to keep everything in my head then it stays a jumbled mess. 

The next thing I do is work backwards from the end goal. I ask myself what I want to accomplish and what I want the finished product to be. Then I work backwards to map out everything that needs to get done in order to achieve that goal. This way I make sure that I don’t miss any steps. When you’re working on something that’s going to be walking someone else through a process, it’s crucial not to miss any steps. Even if it’s the most simple or mundane step, it’s important. If you’re creating an online course, look at what you’re creating as though the person has never even touched a computer. That should help you really break it down.

The last thing I do is give myself a timeline of when I want to finish by. This is a loose timeline because I need a lot of grace in my life and I have spent far too many moments shaming myself for not accomplishing goals in the timeline I set for myself. That’s just silly so I stopped doing it. If you need to push a date out, do it. There’s no shame in that! Just make sure you’re still working towards it and always keep in mind who you’re creating this for so that you can remember how much it will help them when you’re finished.

Check out this video for some more of my thoughts:

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