What to do When the Rumour Mill Strikes Against You

What to do When the Rumour Mill Strikes Against You

Is there anything more frustrating than a rumour being spread about you? Probably, but it’s up there near the top of my list. I have a hard time when people think badly of me, especially if I’ve been misunderstood in some way. I want to rectify the situation and tell people the whole truth, not just the parts that paint me in a horrific light. 

I’ve actually discovered the very best way to deal with this so let me share it with you…

Get over it. 

I don’t say this rudely or without considering your feelings. Trust me, I know the devastation that accompanies a rumour being spread about you like we’re back in junior high and someone thinks you stole her boyfriend. The best way to get through such an ordeal is literally to put it out of your mind. 

What else is there to do really? Can you honestly track down everyone who heard this lie about you and change their minds? Of course not. Dwelling on it will only make it worse for you and quite possibly send you into a depression. If the accusations against you are completely false and slanderous, then you should take legal action. You can turn your cheek all you want but if your livelihood is going to be affected by this then please take the necessary steps. 

One of my very best friends went through something horrific last year. Something so awful in fact that I could hardly believe it was actually happening. Someone accused her of being a racist which is laughable, only she ended up losing her business because of it. Someone was offended by something and instead of explaining it to my sweet friend who begged for answers, she slandered her good name all over town. 

It burns me up to write about it even now because it was so horribly unfair and the way people just blindly believed it was possibly even worse. This has been a lesson for me in that the next time someone tells me some shocking little tidbit about someone else, I will not blindly believe it. There is always more to the story and the gossip is being spread by one point of view. We must stand up for integrity and for the truth. 

As your audience grows, so will the number of people who don’t like you. Are you going to let that destroy you? Or are you going to shake the dust off your feet, get back up, and shine. Don’t let someone’s poor opinion of you bring you down. Realize it’s about them, not you, and the best thing you can do is shake it off.

Check out this YouTube video for three ways to deal with rumours being spread about you. 

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