You’ve got to pick a direction for your decisions

You’ve got to pick a direction for your decisions

Many years ago I sat in a business seminar and the speaker said something to the effect of, “You can’t go North and South at the same time.” What she was referring to was choice. 

“You can choose to make excuses or you can choose to go to work and get results” she said. Those words stuck with me and even today I find myself thinking them over and feeling grateful for the choices I’ve made. You see for a long time I was full of excuses. There was always a reason something wasn’t working or why I couldn’t do a certain thing. It was always someone else’s fault for my lack of success. Sound familiar? The problem with that train of thought is that a) it stinks, and b) it’s not going to get you anywhere. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned along this (long) journey to success is the importance of taking personal responsibility for my choices and my life. So what if it is someone else’s fault something didn’t happen? Does blaming them get me any closer to my goal? Of course not. Instead, I chalk those experiences up to life lessons and count myself blessed it wasn’t worse. 

On your path to success you will have many opportunities to give up, to blame others, or to make excuses instead of going to work. I hope that you decide to win instead. I hope that you decide to learn instead of complaining, to grow instead of staying the same, and to pivot instead of giving up. 

Your story could inspire millions of people someday, but only if you choose to succeed. Stop looking backwards at someone else and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere. Their path is different from yours and that’s totally fine. Focus on where you want to go, ask for help, do the work, and win already. People are waiting for you on the other side of your success. 

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