This is my Joy Season
2020 was one of the best year’s of my life. Recently I spent some time reflecting on why that was and I realized something profound. In 2020 I wasn’t hustling. I had a newfound freedom after leaving a toxic situation and I felt so light. I followed every idea that I received—believing it was from Jesus—and I didn’t worry about whether the idea was going to make money or not. I was really just following the joy. 

When I got an idea that excited me, I went with it. When it came time to write a blog, I wrote whatever was on my heart. I didn’t worry about strategies or niches or anything like that. It was a season where I simply followed the leading and inspiration of the Lord. 

But then I lost focus. I stumbled and started wondering how I was going to keep it up. How was I going to keep getting new and improved ideas? How was I going to keep making the amount of money I was making? I took my eyes off of Jesus and honestly, I got a little lost. 

After nearly a year and a half of feeling lost, unsure, and frightened, I am finally getting back to myself again. What that means for this season is that anything to do with my business that doesn’t excite me or fill me with joy is being released. If I’m dreading doing it, it’s gone. 

I know this isn’t a realistic way to live my entire life because there are things in life I don’t necessarily want to do but they still need to get done. Dishes, cleaning, taking out the trash for example. But this is MY business and when I flourished in 2020 it wasn’t because I was committed to doing things I didn’t want to do but felt I had to. It’s because I gave myself the creative space to just do what felt inspiring and exciting. 

I’m back to that now and when you see what’s coming in October…you’ll understand what I mean. Jump into my Facebook community to hear the details first. 

Whatever you do with your business (if you have one), please make sure it brings you joy or at the very least the end result will. Otherwise, what are you doing friend?

P.S. Are you anywhere near Waco Texas? I’m speaking at an incredible event at the end of September and would LOVE to meet you there (or virtually)! You can get all the details here

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  1. What an uplifting and inspiring message, Meggan! Congratulations on ditching the hustle, heavy burdens, shackles of 'works' regarding tasks ( vs life responsibilities) we do that end up serving no one and leave us exhausted and depleted. In this season of many challenges, a great reminder that the JOY of the Lord is our strength! Excited for all the New THINGS God is leading you to. EnJOY!!
    Meggan Larson AUTHOR  08/24/2022 02:15 PM Central
    Yesssss! Thank you for your kind words!

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