Your Story is More Impactful Than You Think
I believe that everyone on the planet has an impactful story. Every single person I’ve ever worked with has told me the most heart wrenching things from their past. The funny thing is that they always downplay it. “I mean, it’s not cancer or anything…” they’ll say. Or “I know others have had it so much worse than this…” Can I share something with you? There’s no degree of trauma that’s worse than another. 

Trauma is defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” Going through cancer wasn’t actually traumatic for me because I had such complete peace about it. Going through financial hardship though? That was incredibly traumatic for me. It took me years to stop being afraid whenever the phone rang. 

What’s challenging for one person to get through might not be a struggle for someone else. That’s why it’s important to share our stories when we go through them. I didn’t need to know that someone made it through the kind of cancer I experienced. I did however need to know that someone could lose almost everything and live to tell the tale. That someone could escape the cycle of debt and the destruction that came with it and turn their financial life around. 

We need to stop comparing our struggles to others and stop believing the lie that it won’t make a difference if we share about it. Someone needs to hear about your moments of triumph and they need to hear it from you directly. They won’t be moved by hearing Sally’s story (no offence Sally…), they’ll only be inspired by hearing about yours.

How many songs are there about love and loss? Yet I bet there’s one that stands out above the rest to you. The one you can listen to on repeat. The one you continue to look for when your playlist is on random. 

It’s the same way with your story. Your story will be the encouragement that someone needs right at the moment they need it. But only if you’re willing to share it. Only if you’re brave enough to risk being vulnerable.

I hope you will. The world needs your song.

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