Quick Tips on How to Write Amazing Copy

Writing is one of those things that has always come easy for me. I’m grateful for it because as someone who has experienced quite a bit of trauma over the course of my life, being able to process the trauma through written word has been my safe space for a long time. 

I hesitated moving into the world of teaching others in this particular area because I wondered how I would teach people something that came so naturally to me. The reason I had been able to teach people other things so effectively is because I had to struggle through how to learn the thing first and then I could break it down for others. How was I going to do that when I had never struggled in this area?

Thankfully I was able to start coaching people and help them see where to improve by showing them how I would fix it if it were me. The rest, as they say, is history. Some of the most common things I see in writing are things like overusing exclamation points. When you use them all the time, they really lose their effect. Or sometimes they change the meaning of what you’re writing. 

“Then, my mom died!” Umm, are you happy about that? Upset? My editor limits me to one, maybe two exclamation points per book. Don’t overuse them friends.

Another thing I see is people barking out instructions without having built any bridges or me too moments with their readers. There was no vulnerability shared as to why the writer can speak on that topic and therefore it just reads like an instruction manual instead of a heartfelt blog, or chapter in a book. 

For three quick tips on writing copy - watch this video!

I actually just finished a five day blog challenge in my FB community where I went through several tips and tricks to improve your blogging skills. If you want to check that out, you are more than welcome to here.


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