How to know when it's time to end a friendship

I bit the inside of my lip a couple of weeks ago and it hurt. I mean, it REALLY hurt! There I was, minding my own business, doing something I had done a million times before (chewing, I was chewing), and all of a sudden I was in searing pain. To make matters worse, not two minutes later I had done it AGAIN! Chew much? 

For the next week I was in so much pain that it got to the point where I could barely eat or speak, and I had videos to record. One afternoon I was sitting outside when the unimaginable happened…

I bit the inside of my lip for the third time but this time it was bad. My mouth filled with blood and I ran inside to inspect the damage. To my surprise I had actually bitten the entire injury right off and you know what? It immediately felt better and from then on it didn’t bother me anymore. Because my brain is always looking for the deeper meaning of things, I pondered what had just happened and this is what I came to.

I have had friendships that are incredibly painful and instead of just ending them, I let them drag on…for years. It would get to the point where the thoughts would impede my day. I would go back and forth about whether or not I just should just call it. I would agonize over how they would feel, what they would say about me, what other people would think of me as a result…at the end of the day though, those friendships were like the painful blisters in my mouth. They would continue hurting me as long as I let them stay there. 

You see, it’s those kinds of relationships, whether family or friends, that cause us not to shine. They cause us to hold back because we don’t want to hurt their feelings by doing better than they are. They cause us to limit our dreams because they’ve told us we could never do things like that, or be the kind of person who does really well in life. Let me challenge you today so take a look at your inner circle and ask yourself some hard questions. 

Is the relationship serving you or tearing you down? Do you find yourself rising up or shrinking back when you think of sharing your dreams with this person? If you could end the relationship with no ramifications whatsoever, would you?

It’s scary to break free but it’s only when you break those chains that you realize how much they were weighing you down. It’s only then that you see how painful it actually was to live with, but that fear was keeping you stuck. Don’t stay stuck friends. Cut the ties that are keeping you stuck and soar to greater heights than you ever thought possible.

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