Do you believe in your success?

It seems like a simple enough question but it isn’t. Would you believe me if I told you that your success depends on the answer to this? It’s kind of crazy but I’m dead serious. It took me thirteen long years to figure out that this was the reason success was eluding me. Do you want to know what’s more frustrating than knowing you’re failing at something because you don’t believe in yourself? Not knowing how to fix it. 

I understood a few years into the entrepreneurial bug that I didn’t think the same way as other entrepreneurs. They seemed to radiate confidence like it was an inevitability that they’d eventually succeed. I didn’t have the same faith in myself and I did everything I could to change it but nothing seemed to work. 

I spent years listening to personal growth audios and audios on how to be better in business and even though I sounded really good, I just couldn’t seem to close anyone. After about 10,000 cold calls using a script, I decided that if the only way to succeed working from home was by manipulating others into buying something then I wasn’t interested.

That being said, I never gave up on the idea of making an amazing income from home. I firmly believe that God Himself planted that dream so deep within my being that nothing could dislodge it. I had no choice but to keep trudging along and do my best to figure it out. Once I crossed paths with the most heart-centered business strategist on the planet (Martha Krejci), it was like everything aligned for that one moment and I took off like a rocket. I figured out how to believe in myself, she taught me exactly how to do business without feeling slimy or gross and the rest is history. 

Here’s a video I did on three signs you might not believe in your success (because remember, I didn’t know that was the issue for a long time). 

P.S. If you want to join a community of amazing women entrepreneurs who are transforming from failure to success then jump in to that here.

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  1. Meggan, thank you so much for your heart to help others. I'm on the brink of success, I just know it. Believing in my self worth is no longer a problem for me!
    Meggan Larson AUTHOR  01/20/2021 11:47 AM Central
    Yasssss Jan!!! So excited for you!! ~ Meggan :)

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