Why my Gallstones are a Dream Come True

Weird right? The gallstones in my gallbladder have caused the most excruciating pain I have ever been in. That’s saying something considering I’ve gone through cancer and have had two emergency c-sections and a hysterectomy. I know pain, but not like this. 

Almost a month ago I experienced my first ever gallbladder attack. It was horrific and I didn’t know what was happening so naturally I thought I was dying. The pain left as suddenly as it came and I breathed a sigh of relief until a few days later when it happened again. I writhed in pain for 6 hours and in the morning my husband insisted I go get it checked out. 

After spending the entire day and night in the hospital, it was discovered that I have two large gallstones in my gallbladder and I almost added a third emergency surgery to my roster but alas, I was able to keep it. 

For years I’ve struggled with my weight. A long laundry list of emotional scars have contributed to the constant gaining and losing of weight and in the last few months I kept finding myself thinking “If only there was a way that I could stop being tempted by all the crap that makes me fat. If only there was a way that I could just not eat donuts or ice cream or pizza.” 

Guess what? I can’t eat that stuff anymore. I physically cannot eat the stuff I wanted to stop eating but couldn’t because I will end up right back in the hospital in horrific pain if I do. The threat of pain is finally the thing that is serious enough to make me stop. I have had an oil fondue for every birthday for the last 25 years of my life and my husband said to me yesterday, 

“This is going to be the first birthday you don’t have a fondue!” And I snorted and said “Yeah really, I may as well bring the pot and set up shop in the waiting room if I’m going to do that.” 

I laughed, he laughed, and then I looked down at the flattest stomach I’ve had in years, and noticed that I was wearing pants I haven’t been able to fit into since New Years Day. 

That’s when it hit me. I have had to be so careful about what goes into my mouth these last two and a half weeks that I’ve finally been losing weight without even noticing. I’m finally able to resist the temptation because the pain I’ll be in is so severe that no donut is worth it. It feels weird to be grateful for gallstones but I am. This is exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t be happier.

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