That Time I Got Diagnosed with Cancer Pt 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this go and read it now! Then keep reading…

…I was relieved. Relieved?? You ask. What a ridiculous reaction! I was relieved because there was no baby and there had never been one. 

I was relieved because I wouldn’t have to fight with the medical staff for my rights; again. #beentheredonethat 

I was relieved because it was just happening to me and it wasn’t happening to someone I loved. 

Cancer is a big scary word and so the first thing I did was pray. I asked my Jesus to take the fear away because it was way too much for me to handle and I asked Him to give me His peace that surpasses all understanding and fill me with His joy. The things that happened in and through that journey were beautiful and increased my faith to unimaginable depths. 

I’ve often said that it was one of the best times of my life and I still stand by that. I’m sure that sounds absolutely nuts but being able to inspire others is a dream of mine so going through one of the scariest things a person can go through with a big ol’ smile on my face was literally a dream come true. 

I spent my time focusing on everything that was going well instead of the fact that I was going through cancer. I also made sure never to say these words “I have cancer”. If you know anything about quantum physics then you know that we can literally create our own reality by the words that we speak and the thoughts that we think. Knowing what I know about that, I made sure to be very careful about what I spoke over myself. I would only say that I was diagnosed with cancer, not that I had it. We need to be so careful what kind of agreements we make with things we’re diagnosed with. Or anything for that matter. 

I chose to go through cancer with joy and I’m grateful that I was given the ability to do so. Isn’t it so much more inspiring that way? I think so.

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