How I Help People Begin to Heal From Trauma

I’ve been a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner for over two years. The difference it has made in people’s lives has been so transformative that I still pinch myself sometimes that I get to help people in this capacity. 

To watch someone go from stuck, depressed, and angry to someone with light in their eyes who has purpose and belief in themselves again, is in a word ~ epic. 

My heart is for people’s healing. The pain that trauma causes is so awful that it can make you wonder if life will ever get better again. It can cause you to lose faith in the goodness of others and expect the worst out of life. 

That was never meant to be your journey. That was never meant to be your reality. You were made for more than this and I would love to help you start believing that. 

What happened to you was not your fault. The awful things that humans do to each other makes me cringe. That being said, whether or not you decide to heal from it is completely up to you. We can choose to stay in the darkest places of our minds, or we can decide to stand up, light up our shadows and heal from what should have never happened to us to begin with.

One thing I have learned from working with so many clients is that we truly have no idea what pain or struggle lies beneath the surface of someone else’s facade. They may put on a brave face but the reality is, they are hurting. Be kind, always. We truly have no idea what someone else has been through.

If you’re feeling stuck, ashamed, broken, or depressed please know there is hope for you. 

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