Stop Being a Pushover

Are you a pushover? Do you let people walk all over you because it’s more comfortable than stepping on any toes? I totally get it. For the better part of my life I was a pushover. If I actually mustered up the courage to say no to something all it would take was for the person to push back and I would say yes. 

Saying yes when you really want to say no is unfair to yourself. It’s telling your body that what you want doesn’t matter and if you want to be trustworthy in your own eyes, then you need to stop doing that. 

I finally realized how much of a pushover I had become when I realized that I was a slave to my phone. I hadn’t created boundaries with the people I worked with and I felt like I couldn’t be away from my phone. I felt I had to answer every text, every message, every Marco Polo, every phone call (you get the picture) immediately. They told me to jump, I asked how high. 

Living that way is unhealthy and it makes you prioritize other people above yourself and your family. Is that really the life you want to be creating? When my kids stopped asking me to read to them I knew that I had created a massive problem for myself. My kids knew I was too busy to spend quality time with them and I needed to decide if I was going to be okay with that, or if I was going to make some changes. 

Spoiler alert, I made some changes. 

Life as a pushover is exhausting friend. It’s stressful, it’s worrisome, and it’s just not even worth anything you think you’re gaining in return. It’s time to rise up and step into who you were created to be. It’s time to set up some firm boundaries and stop letting people push past them. 

You’re worth it!

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Check out the video below for 3 tips on how to stop being a pushover!


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