How I Sabotaged My Weight

I used to self sabotage every area of my life. Every relationship ended, I buried myself in debt I couldn’t pay off, I failed constantly at everything I tried, I gained weight like crazy, and no matter what I just couldn’t seem to stop the cycle. 

Growing up I was always athletic. Shortly after the birth of my second child I was diagnosed with cancer and my weight ballooned. I didn’t get the weight off before I was pregnant with my third and by the time he was born I was almost 100lbs overweight. I was so embarrassed and ashamed and those feelings prompted me to get my weight on track in 2014. That year I lost 60lbs just by eating real food following the Trim Healthy Mama plan and I felt absolutely amazing. I even became an admin for their FB groups since I was so knowledgable of the plan. 

Then 2015 happened.

Have you ever had an entire year you’d like to erase? That was 2015 for me. 

My grandmother died and left everything to two of her four children essentially stealing my siblings and my inheritance as well as my cousin’s. That blew my entire family apart and they never recovered. 

That year I watched my parents marriage dissolve after nearly 40 years together. 

I asked my birth mother if we could continue our relationship in the open instead of me being a secret. She refused, told me she never actually wanted a relationship with me, and called my character into question on many levels. 

My husband and I were struggling financially after the cancer and not making ends meet. A client refused to pay for work that was already completed and we had to take them to court to get paid. We were relying on that money to pay our mortgage and buy groceries and we had to sell everything we could. 

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse our second mortgage wasn’t going to be renewed and we had 4 months to come up with $70,000 or we had to sell our house. 

It. Was. A. Bad. Year. 

My weight soared as I buried my feelings in ice cream and candy and before I knew it I had gained every single pound back. It was horrifying. Over the years I kept trying different things to lose weight but never stuck to anything. You want to know what I didn’t do though? I didn’t go back to the original plan that I lost 60lbs on. Deep down I felt like I deserved to be fat and even though I hated it with every ounce of my being ~ I did nothing to change it. 

I now know my worth and my value and I believe in my ability to get healthy again. Can you relate to any of this? If yes I’m doing a 7 day reset that’s starting on June 15th. It’s in a private group and I’ll be sharing exactly what I did to lose those 60lbs. The first week I did it I lost 11lbs. There will be a full menu + grocery list, daily education, and accountability, etc. If you think that’s for you send me an email. If not no worries!

Check out this video where I talk more about this. 


  1. Melissa Jackson  05/29/2020 02:20 PM Central
    What a difficult year that was and your birth mom’s response is heartbreaking 😥 you have overcome a lot! Thanks for sharing from your heart. On another note, I have been interested in THM and have all the books but never get very far with it. So I won’t commit to the 7 day reset but will follow your posts with extra interest!
  2. I feel your pain..good for you to not give up..God is in control..I live with my daughter who has an inoperable brain husband and I divorced after 30 mom recently went into a long term care facility so I haven't seen her in three months and my first grandchild will be born soon and I don't even know if I can see her amidst all this chaos during this pandemic.. I suffered a stroke(no.permanent damage thankfully) but I'm still going strong with a good sense of humor and Gods perfect grace and protection! Amen!!

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