The Secret to Forgiveness ~ Step 3

Yes! We’re already at step 3. If you haven’t read step 1 or 2 yet, go back and read those first! Okay, now that that’s over with…

I recently saw someone ask if diffusing forgiveness essential oil will produce results. I mean, it can for sure, but forgiveness is about so much more than just rubbing an oil on your feet and calling it a day. You need to go through all the steps for lasting change. 

Sometimes though, even doing all the things can still come up short when particularly deep rooted trauma has happened. Sometimes months can go by and all of a sudden you find yourself triggered by another memory. It happens to the best of us and the worst thing you can do is ignore it. 

For myself, being adopted left me with a lot of scars that no one could see. I didn’t even realize that they were pretty common for all adoptees until a few years ago when I started meeting more of them and seeing the common threads of pain. It’s hurtful to be given away and rejected and there’s just no getting around it. This has caused me to have to choose to forgive over and over again because for me the trauma was ongoing. Everyone laughing about a relative not knowing who I was? I had to choose to forgive. Being told I was no one in a coffee shop so that an explanation could be avoided? I had to choose to forgive. Even though years have passed since those experiences, every now and then a memory will come into my mind and I need some extra help to get through it. I share more about that in the video below but just know that there is hope and you absolutely can get to the point of forgiving and moving on. 

If you need some help with that feel free to join my private FB group. If you’re an adoptee wanting to heal please grab my free guide here.


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