Green Smoothie

I'm working on being more crunchy (ish) so I've been trying to get more greens into my diet. Eating a giant salad every day gets to be a bit much though so a friend suggested I blend them. His recipe left a lot to be desired taste wise though so I came up with this yumminess and the best part? It's kid approved.


2-3 cups of Mixed Greens (I like spinach or a romaine lettuce mix)
5-6 frozen Strawberries
1/8 cup of frozen Blueberries (Optional)
1/3 large Cucumber (chopped into 4-5 pieces)
1/3 cup of low fat Cottage Cheese ~ Can sub Collagen for protein (US buy here)
1/2 large Avocado
4-6 squirts of Liquid Stevia (US buy here)
2 cups of water

Blend all together and enjoy!  

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