3 Ways to Love Yourself Through Any Storm

“You’re still fat.” 

“You shouldn’t have said that to her.” 

“See, you ate like crap and now your face is breaking out ~ well done!" 

These are the kinds of thoughts that used to plague my mind on a daily basis. I felt like I never measured up and like I never would. I judged myself harshly for every shortcoming, every mistake, every bad choice. No matter how well I did in one area, there were always lurking thoughts at the back of my mind threatening to punish me for every other area I hadn’t mastered yet. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It wasn’t until I learned to truly love myself no matter what that the pain began to lessen. The burden of constantly judging yourself is a heavy one. Maybe it’s time you put it down? Throwing insults at yourself all day long is a great way to ensure you battle depression eventually. What we say to ourselves matters. What we speak over ourselves sticks with us long after the words have been spoken. The same is true of words that others have spoken over you. 

Have you ever found yourself stuck in an area and that’s just how it’s been for as long as you can remember? That’s probably because someone told you that you don’t finish what you start, or that you’re stupid, or that you never get anything right. Then years later there you are struggling to finish something and you say to yourself “well I never finish what I start so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” When you agree with the words that are being spoken over you (by yourself or others) you are allowing them to have power over you. Let’s stop that shall we?

You need to be your biggest cheerleader!

So how in the world do you do that? In the video below I go through the following three points:

  1. You need to forgive yourself.
  2. You need to speak life over yourself. 
  3. You need to be good to yourself. 

Watch the video to find out what I mean and then go grab my Free Guide!


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